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Recycle Bin Laden is an icon replacement application for Windows
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Recycle Bin Laden is an icon replacement application for Windows computers. The application serves only one purpose and it might be considered of bad taste for more than 250 million people around the globe. It replaces your default Recycle Bin icon with an image of 2001 War-on-Terror target Osama Bin Laden.

Recycle Bin Laden has a main window which allows you to change a few settings. When you first run the application, you will see the two icons that are going to be replaced on your system. There is an image for an empty recycle bin and an image for a full recycle bin. Both images are almost identical and I can't make any sense of the developer's choices for those. But I guess that, over time, you can learn which one is the full image and which one is the empty one. Another option is to replace the Empty Recycle Bin sound, which changes the default sound for one by Osama. Once you hit apply, the image will be configured as the default one. You still need to go to the desktop and hit F5 (refresh) a couple of times before the image appears. The application works in almost all Window versions, even Windows 7.

José Fernández
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